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I Am Not Making This Up: Ep. 5 That Time the French King Was Cannibalized (Podcast Version)

Written By: Tracy - Oct• 03•16

The only king for which “Eat Your Heart Out” was literal.

This is the oddball history story that set me on the road to writing strange history articles.  When I started up my podcast, I knew I wanted to do it as an episode.

France’s King Louis XIV, “The Sun King” created a cult of personality around the monarch and royal family to inject stability into the monarchy.  When he died, his internal organs were removed and buried separate (with lots of pomp and circumstance).

By the Victorian Era, Louis’s heart had found it’s way into the mouth of William Buckland.

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  1. James Burk says:

    Could you please tell us the missing links from burial to menu?

    • Tracy says:


      The French participated in “heart burials” for their monarchs. Similar to an Egyptian pharaoh or a Kentucky racehorse: the heart didn’t stay with the body.

      When the French Revolution occurred, a lot of the monarchs’ graves were broken into and desecrated or looted. I imagine the heart got taken as a souvineer, money changed hands, and then it wound up on someone’s mantle, or passed around at a party. Then got passed to Buckland, and eaten.