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I Am Not Making This Up: Ep. 7 Herodotus. The Michael Bay of the Classical World

Written By: Tracy - Dec• 05•16

Like Michael Bay with a beard.

Imagine if that massive solar flare that scientists worry about actually hits Earth and wipes out all electronics.  What if in 2,000 years time, the only record we have of WWII (or that WWII even happened) is the massively lucrative yet historically inaccurate film Pearl Harbor, directed by Michael Bay?

Believe it or not, something like this already happened to humanity once.  That’s because one of the few records we have of some pretty major events that happened in classical antiquity come to us from a historian named Herodotus.

Some people call Herodotus the father of history, because he’s the first person who tried to investigate and record history the way it actually happened, rather than as a really good “no !@#$, there Achilles was” story.  But others call Herodotus “the father of slanders,” because he didn’t let a lack of facts stop him from writing his historical accounts.  Not when he could make stuff up.

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