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I Am Not Making This Up: Everyone Knows It’s Aliens!

Written By: Tracy - Jul• 24•17

img_4379.jpgThe Romans are known for phenomenal building projects, such as the Colleseum, the Pantheon and infrastructure such as a system of roads and aqueducts that are still functional today. 

One of the secrets to Rome’s amazing feats of architecture is a form of concrete that mankind hasn’t been able to duplicate. While Roman seaports still exist – and the masonry only seems to get stronger with age – modern Portland cement crumbles after only a few decades.

Though scientists recently unlocked the secrets to Roman concrete through chemical analysis (volcanic ash and in concrete used in port structures, seawater) the original formula had been lost simply because people took basic knowledge for granted. 

At the time, everyone knew that you used volcanic ash as an aggregate. Everyone knew you used seawater in structures that went into the ocean. 

But over time, what everyone knew changed. So that nobody knew how the Romans made concrete structures that weathered the test of time. And thus, a cottage industry of crediting aliens was born. Thanks History channel.

This makes me wonder what “common knowledge” we don’t write down that future generations will puzzle over. 


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