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I Am Not Making This Up: Killing Sherlock Holmes

Imagine if JK Rowling hated Harry Potter. Hated him so much that she killed– ok, bad example. But there is one author out there who killed off the protagonist of his best-known work because he actively hated the character. That author is Arthur Conan Doyle. Doyle’s extended family came from wealth, though thanks to his […]

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I Am Not Making This Up: Ep. 23 Why You Shouldn’t Order The Lincoln Special

When you’re a high-profile figure, your life isn’t really your own. This can even be true of elected officials. Particularly martyred elected officials. Such was the case with Abraham Lincoln, who was sent on a farewell tour after his death that would have been worthy of any rock band.

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When Pirates Make Arrrrt.

The last weekend of July, awesome hubby took me to Crystal Bridges (my local art museum) for one of their special Chihuly weekends. Dale Chihuly (who looks a little like a pirate), is an internationally famous American glass artist. If you go into the Bellagio in Las Vegas and look at the ceiling with the […]

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I Am Not Making This Up: Ep. 22 He Gave His Life For Tourism

When he was born, about 1342 BC, Tutankhaten’s life wasn’t his own. But the boy who would become known to us as Tutankhamen would be especially noteworthy because even in death his story isn’t his own.

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