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When Apple Pie Came In Coffins

Apple Pie is an iconic American food. The saying goes: as American as baseball, mom and apple pie.

But, like most “American” foods, Americans didn’t invent the apple pie. Apple pie in some form or another is even older than America.

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My very spoilery review of Fantastic Beasts

I’ve been a fan of the wizarding world since the release of Goblet of Fire (which is about how long it took the phenomenon to reach me, as a barely-adult with no kids living in Arkansas). But I’ve been hooked only slightly shorter on J.K. Rowling’s work than I have on Pratchett.

I think it’s partially because the work is so immersive. It feels like if you were to leave Hogwarts, there would be a fully-realized world out there.

Fantastic Beasts let me delve into a world that I always suspected existed.

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Date Night: The Hogwarts Experience Part II

Happy Halloween!  I hope you’re having an awesome day, and that you didn’t wait until the last second to finish your costume.  I had to run to Party City Friday night to get gloves for my kids’ costumes.  It was a real house of horrors, and not in the fun way.  Last week I wrote […]

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Date Night : The Hogwarts Experience

For date night this month, the theme was Harry Potter. I went a little overboard like the Great Wall of China is a nice fence.

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There’s Always Room For Pizza

Hubby and I love Chicago style pizza.  Like, if he hadn’t married me, he might consider popping a knee to a deep dish pie.  So when I planned July’s date night – A showing of Mystic Pizza, and a couple pizzas of his choice, Chicago style deep dish was going on the menu. Now what […]

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I’m On Stitcher Now!

The I’m Not Making This Up Podcast is on Stitcher in addition to iTunes.  So if that’s your preferred means of Podcast delivery, you can get my podcast there.  And if you like it, leave a review.  That’s how I get love from the podcast overlords and find new listeners. The link is here. And […]

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What’s Cookin’?

  So I haven’t blogged about the dinner and a movie date night.  Mainly because I haven’t done anything as spectacular as the Beef Wellington James Bond date.  But for the sake of completion, I’ll talk a bit about the last couple of dates.  In May Hubby and I watched Casablanca (Here’s Dining With You, […]

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French food (that was sort of Italianish.)

Back between my last big breakup and when I met Hubby, I watched this unlikely romance. (Kevin Kline as a scuzzy French thief with a pornstache?  How is that romantic?) But something about the plot spoke to me and it became my favorite romantic comedy. Meg Ryan is Kate, a woman engaged to Charlie the Doctor. […]

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Would You Rather Celebrate Valentine’s Day, Or Groundhog Day?

The James Bond date night was such a success, that Hubby ran to the gift box on February first to retrieve his gift. For February, I could have gone with a romantic date and not been out of line.  There are a huge number of romantic comedies out there, and we have our favorites.  But […]

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No Mr. Bond, I Expect You To Dine!

My husband is one of those guys who is picky, discerning (whenever I point this out, he always points out that he married me, so being choosy isn’t a bad thing).  So Christmas is always a nightmare challenging.  What do you get for someone who is very selective in his wants, and could pretty much buy […]

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