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Travelogue : Beware the Evil Oil

  This weekend, for Hubby’s birthday we went to Hot Springs for a day out without the kiddos.   I’ve been down to Hot Springs maybe a handful of times in my life.  Hubby lived there for two years while he went to the Arkansas School of Math and Sciences (and the arts) (I like […]

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Just in Time for the Avengers!

This is ironic. My last post was about how I don’t watch much TV, and now here I am blogging about a media tie-in project.  Maybe I shouldn’t have stated that I don’t watch much TV.  Instead I’m selective about what I watch.  Yeah. That’s the ticket. Because Of that sweet, sweet tie in money Avengers coming […]

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When Life Hands You Snow, Make Snow Ice Cream. Because, mmmmm Snow Ice Cream

At my house, I have five or six cans of sweetened condensed milk in the pantry because last year my addled mommy brain made me get that mixed up with evaporated milk, and buy that instead whenever I made mashed potatoes (as you do). Which ended up working out today when we decided to make […]

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I finally learned how to chop an onion.

This last Christmas, hubby told me not to plan anything for Valentine’s Day weekend (which meant that Con DFW was out). Completely unbeknownst to me, he booked us into a cooking class at the Winthrop Rockefeller institute. The Rockefeller in that name is the same as in Rockefeller center in New York City. Winthrop Rockefeller […]

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You’re Welcome

I’ve noticed that the more I’m plugged I to the headlines, the more depressed I feel. The local news station, my Facebook, content aggregators like Flipboard. Reading it all makes one inclined to believe the world is a messed up place. Yet statistically, we live in the most peaceful time ever. So In order to […]

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So This is a Thing

This came in the mail this weekend. My story is the second title in the anthology, right behind the editor’s. He must have liked it. If you want your own Kindle copy, you can get one on Amazon. The title has been out since Halloween.

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Keeping up Promises: My Charlie Brown Ghost, and Shelf Without an Elf

A while back, I promised to post pictures of my Charlie Brown Halloween Ghost. So here it is. The legs are my daughter’s. She was a pink dragon. I wish I’d taken photos of the process, but here is what I did: 1 I bought a twin sheet from Wal Mart. And I don’t think […]

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