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Tuesday Spotlight – The Broadpod – A podcast from Broaduniverse

  When I work, I like to listen to podcasts. Unlike music, I never feel the urge to get up and change the channel. Recently, author Trisha J. Wooldridge, who is the driving force behind the Broaduniverse podcast (a.k.a. the broad pod) and I discussed the idea of spotlighting the podcast for this blog. What […]

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Author Spotlight – Cindy Speer

Today’s author spotlight is with author Cindy Lynn Speer. Cindy has had a number of odd jobs, including cemetery caretaker. Now she likes to run people through with swords. That is to say that she is a fencer in the SCA. Cindy is the author of Unbalanced, an urban fantasy from Zumaya Embraces. Andromeda Pendragon […]

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