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A New Story In Crimson Streets, and my Soonercon Schedule

My short story, The Hobos, The Devil and James Dean’s Car has been published in the pulp magazine Crimson Streets.

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Success Principles You Can Learn From J.K. Rowling

  I stopped blogging writing advice a while ago, because there are so many writers who blog about writing that I felt that I had nothing new or original to contribute.  But a few weeks ago my husband asked me to give a talk to a business team about J.K. Rowling.   I think the […]

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So This is a Thing

This came in the mail this weekend. My story is the second title in the anthology, right behind the editor’s. He must have liked it. If you want your own Kindle copy, you can get one on Amazon. The title has been out since Halloween.

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Oh Look: Christmas Li-HULK SMASH!

So about three weeks ago, hubby and I went to a bonfire.  On the way home we drove past a house with georgeous Christmas lights. Me:Really?  We haven’t even gone Trick-or-treat yet! Hubby: I think you may have some unreasonable rage about this. Me: TRACY SMASH! Hubby: You see? That right there is what I’m […]

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Time flies when you’re changing diapers

Holy bones!  I haven’t updated this blog since . . . June 2?  What have I been doing since then?   Oh yeah, that’s right. I had a baby. Amazing how that will fill the hours. There are dirty diapers to change, cuddles and kisses to give out.  I’m becoming something of a domestic misfit. […]

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Blame it on Nancy Drew

We had some kind of reading challenge in second grade, so I picked an easy reader from the library. One of those thin books with lots of pictures. I don’t even remember what it was.  Clifford?  The Berenstain Bears?  Anyhoo, My teacher suggested that I put it back.  She told me that I ought to […]

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I’m seriously thinking of Deleting my LiveJournal Account

A while back when Kickstarter got hacked, I changed all of my passwords.  It wasn’t smart to have the same password on everything.  Even if it was a random letter and number sequence that I made up in college. The problem is that Livejournal has not allowed me to use the spiffy new password I […]

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Curse You, Jim Hines!

I just had about the shortest MS rejection of my life! I sent a short story in to Unidentified Funny Objects. Within a few hours, it was sent back to me. They liked it. Unfortunately, it’s similar to something Jim Hines is writing for them. *sigh* Oh well, if I’m going to get passed over, […]

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