Tracy S. Morris

Quirky Mysteries, Screwball Fantasy and Sassy History

Free Reads

Written By: Tracy

If you haven’t had a chance to read any of my work as an author, you can link from here to some free samples that are available across the internet.

Short Fiction:

Fish Story – A short story published in the anthology Strip Mauled by Esther Friesner.  A tale of city wolf comes to the country. A reporter and her werewolf best friend investigate a series of drownings in Table Rock Lake, near Branson Missouri.

Novel Excerpts:

Tranquility – The first three chapters of my first novel, Tranquility. Available in eBook format from Baen Books and in print form from Yard Dog Press.

Bride of Tranquility – The first three chapters of Bride of Tranquility, the second book in the Tranquility series.



Forget Rome, All Roads Lead to Chaco – Between between AD 850 and 1250, Chaco Canyon was a major cultural center for the puebloan people who lived in what is now the Southwestern United States.

Backpacking The Wave in Southern Utah – The Wave is a popular destination for hikers and photographers. The U.S.Bureau of Land Management protects it by limiting back country permits to a few hikers a day.

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