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Press Kit

Written By: Tracy

Fiction writers must be tireless promoters of their own work. As such, I am available for interviews and guest appearances. In addition, I have to put food on the table. As a freelance writer, I am happy to write or take photos for your publication or magazine.


I am always happy to be interviewed, whether it is for a feature on my own work or to provide quotes for another story. E-mail interviews fit my schedule best. For a phone or sit-down interview, contact me via. e-mail and I will be happy to schedule a time to meet face-to-face.

Before sending questions, please query me with who you are, the details of your story, and where the story will appear. If you are writing a story on spec., please send me credentials and clips of your past work.

Guest Appearances

I generally appear at several science fiction and fantasy conventions in a year. I set my schedule of appearances 6 months to 1 year in advance. If you would like to invite me to your convention, e-mail me with details including who you are, and the name and location of the convention.

I regret that unless you are in the Northwest Arkansas or Eastern Oklahoma area, I am not available to speak to your school, book club or organization in person unless you are willing to cover my expenses. I am happy to make an appearance via. SKYPE or other web conference method instead.

Nonfiction Writing:

My Nonfiction writing rate is billed on an hourly rate for large jobs and by word on smaller articles. For larger jobs, I charge a rate of $40 per billable hour. My article rate per word is negotiable based on the size and complexity of the article and the research required.

My nonfiction articles have appeared in magazines such as Puppies USA, Dog Fancy and Ferrets Magazine. My blog articles have appeared in USA Today Online. My photography has appeared in The Lexington Herald Leader, The Dallas Morning News and The Tulsa World.

If you are interested in hiring me for nonfiction, please contact me through the contact form (under the little black “contact me”  tab on the left upper corner of your screen). I prefer to have at least 1 week of lead time prior to a deadline for articles of 2,000 words or less.

Fiction Writing:

I am open to participating in short fiction anthologies, collections and magazines as well as longer works. Please contact me with your proposal. Please note that I do not write erotica or work of a political nature.

Author Photo:

Portrait of Tracy S. Morris

Photo © Ryan Godsey. Permission is granted to freely use this photo for promotional or press purposes as long as the photographer is credited.


What Others Are Saying About Bride of Tranquility:

“A  promising first novel” — Locus Magazine

“fast-paced novel” –Renaissance Magazine

“a book you’re liable to read a couple of times, assuming you aren’t abducted by aliens between readings.” — The Examiner