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Monday Musing: Blogging for Fun and Profit – What Not To Write

Now that we’ve discussed how to get your blog up and running, let’s talk about hot button issues. Not too long ago there was a saying that one should never discuss three topics in polite society: sex, politics or religion. But it seems that in the digital age, everyone has a blog and every topic […]

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Blogging for Fun and Profit part 7: Other Means of Promoting Your Blog

I’ve mentioned several types of internet promotion including search engines and social media. Now I would like to mention a few other effective strategies for building a following on your blog. Blog Search Engines Consider listing your blog with blog-specific search engines such as Technorati or Blogged. Listing your blog through blog-specific search engines helps […]

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Monday Musing: Blogging for Fun and Profit Part 6– Backlinks, Spam and the differences between the Two

Sorry this is being posted late. I thought I had it set up on auto post. Apparently I did not. *** As you start to release your posts in your blog, you will also start to generate comments. Some of these comments are legitimate, but you may also notice that for some of these comments, […]

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Monday Musing: Blogging For Fun and Profit Part 5 – Winning the Search Engine Optimization Popularity Contest

After you’ve conquered the mountain of social media, there are still plenty of ways to promote your blog on the internet. After all, there are one or two people who live at the bottom of a well in Siberia that haven’t yet joined Facebook. Today’s article will discuss  ways to reach your readers through search […]

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