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November Broadly Speaking Podcast: Mentors and Teachers in the Heroine’s Journey

From time-to-time, I guest-host the Broaduniverse podcasts. This month, I was the guest host for Broadly Speaking.  The topic for the month was Mentors and Teachers in the Heroine’s Journey. Come along with Tracy S. Morris and Broaduniverse this month in examining the roles of teachers in fiction. In traditional fiction, the hero is removed […]

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Tuesday Spotlight – The Broadpod – A podcast from Broaduniverse

  When I work, I like to listen to podcasts. Unlike music, I never feel the urge to get up and change the channel. Recently, author Trisha J. Wooldridge, who is the driving force behind the Broaduniverse podcast (a.k.a. the broad pod) and I discussed the idea of spotlighting the podcast for this blog. What […]

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Midsouth Con 29 – My Schedule

I just got my preliminary schedule for Midsouthcon 29. Friday    5:00 PM   Writing Your Demographic – Is there a difference in writing for YA, Adult, or Senior readers? Saturday    1:00 PM    Street Corner – Readings and other performance artistry. Saturday    4:00 PM    Pro-Row –  Autograph Sessions Sunday    1:00 PM   Say What? –  Panelists talk about […]

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