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Conventions in 2014

If you follow my Facebook, you probably already know that I’m due to have a baby in June of this year. What this means for me writing-wise is that I will be attending significantly fewer conventions this year. The good news is that because Little Man is due later in the year than Little Miss […]

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Has it really been that long since I’ve put out a Yard Dog Press Audio Roadshow?

It’s hard to believe, but I haven’t put out a YDP audio roadshow since April (and that was a rebroadcast).  But I’ll save the excuses, and get down to business. Last weekend Yard Dog Press was at Glich Con in Bentonville, where the house did very well.  Especially considering that this convention is more anime, […]

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If you are going to Midsouth Con this weekend, stop by and say Hi. I’ll be at the Yard Dog Press table most of the weekend when I am not in panels. Here’s my schedule: Friday    5:00 PM    Director’s Row 2    Writing Your Demographic    Is there a difference in writing for YA, Adult, or Senior […]

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Midsouth Con 29 – My Schedule

I just got my preliminary schedule for Midsouthcon 29. Friday    5:00 PM   Writing Your Demographic – Is there a difference in writing for YA, Adult, or Senior readers? Saturday    1:00 PM    Street Corner – Readings and other performance artistry. Saturday    4:00 PM    Pro-Row –  Autograph Sessions Sunday    1:00 PM   Say What? –  Panelists talk about […]

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Conestoga schedule and cute niece photos

This weekend I took my camera up to my sister’s house to take some summer photos of my two neices.  The older girl is Katee, the baby is Ellie (some of you may remember when I posted photos of Ellie when she was born.  I think that was 8 months ago.  She’s grown so much.  […]

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