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I Am Not Making This Up: Ep. 30 Catch Me If You Can, Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread men are practically synonymous with Christmas. But, at the risk of sounding click-bait-y, you won’t believe the surprising origins of this cookie.

Spoiler it’s Queen Elizabeth. Maybe.

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There’s Always Room For Pizza

Hubby and I love Chicago style pizza.  Like, if he hadn’t married me, he might consider popping a knee to a deep dish pie.  So when I planned July’s date night – A showing of Mystic Pizza, and a couple pizzas of his choice, Chicago style deep dish was going on the menu. Now what […]

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Would You Rather Celebrate Valentine’s Day, Or Groundhog Day?

The James Bond date night was such a success, that Hubby ran to the gift box on February first to retrieve his gift. For February, I could have gone with a romantic date and not been out of line.  There are a huge number of romantic comedies out there, and we have our favorites.  But […]

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No Mr. Bond, I Expect You To Dine!

My husband is one of those guys who is picky, discerning (whenever I point this out, he always points out that he married me, so being choosy isn’t a bad thing).  So Christmas is always a nightmare challenging.  What do you get for someone who is very selective in his wants, and could pretty much buy […]

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Writerly Thoughts with a side of Pesto.

Since the first frost can’t be far off, I’m looking at my basil bushes, and wondering what to do with all that basil. Some of it I can put in freezer bags and freeze. Some of it will probably get dried (not the most ideal way to save it, but I can mix it with oregano and […]

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Getting rid of the leftover turkey.

So, I’ve cooked two recipies this week to get rid of thanksgiving leftovers.  Recipie #1 was Turkey noodle soup. This was a throw togeather recipe.  Meaning I made it up as I went along.2 c. turkey6c. broth,1/2 cup gravy2 portions noodles  (I used spagetti noodles)1 can green beans1 can corn2 c. shredded cheese. Boil the noodles […]

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Holy Moldy Bigfoot Carcasses Batman!

 Today I dashed off a quick follow-up to the bigfoot story.   It got a jaw-dropping number of hits in the first 30 minutes after I posted it. Both bigfoot stories beat out an interview with Sera Gamble for top spot on the site.  Topical=good, apparantly. Also?  I’m cooking a pear cobbler. I’ve never tried one before. 

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