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Attention Comic Book Companies: What Kind of Business are You Running, Here?

It’s an interesting time to be a Super Hero comic book fan. But then again, when is it not? Marvel lost my consistent readership years ago when they canceled most of my favorite X-titles in an effort to streamline the cumbersome number of X-titles out there.  (I bought everything with an X on it for […]

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Keith R. A. DeCandido — Cops, Robbers, Unicorns and Superheroes

If you read comics at all, then you know that this week is a massive week for the comic book industry. DC comics is doing (yet another) major reboot of it’s titles. Everyone who reads comics seems to be talking about how the formerly wheelchair-bound hero Oracle is regaining her ability to walk and taking […]

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Monday Musing: Shakeups in the Comics Industry! One Fan Reacts! (A Rant Circa 2001 that remains relevant today)

I was going through a stack of old essays that I wrote in 2000-2001 when I came upon one that I wrote about  the state of comics. Given DC’s announcements this summer about how they are changing everything (again) this seemed relevant. For some background information on where this particular tirade came from: in 2000-2001ish, […]

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