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Did I Adopt a Dog, or a Cat?

Little Man crawled up on the dining room table while I was fixing dinner last night.  No reason why.  There was no food up there for him to get at.  He just wanted to see the view. Did I adopt a Dog, or an evil cat cleverly disguised in a dog suit?

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The furry family is growing.

Got my new car yesterday, and then we went and picked up Yuki. This is not Yuki, but it is what he looks like. So far Ryan is in love with him.  Essey hasn’t met him yet.  He’s stayed in the garage, and she’s stayed in the guest room.  We’re introducing them slowly, starting by […]

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Note to self: The dog is nuts!

Note to self:  If The Queen is whining for my attention: 1. Check the door.  She either wants out or in.  2. Check by the food bowl.  She wants a snack.  If she’s in neither place, check under the bed.  She just may have crawled under there for reasons known only to her, and gotten stuck.  

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Exactly who is in charge here?

 My husband and I are more-or-less owned by a shiba inu.  Some days more than less.  Her name is Essey, but most of the time we call her ‘your majesty.’ She has her own unique logic.  Since I put her out every morning before feeding her, she assumes that going out is the magical step […]

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