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I finally learned how to chop an onion.

This last Christmas, hubby told me not to plan anything for Valentine’s Day weekend (which meant that Con DFW was out). Completely unbeknownst to me, he booked us into a cooking class at the Winthrop Rockefeller institute. The Rockefeller in that name is the same as in Rockefeller center in New York City. Winthrop Rockefeller […]

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Cheesecake Fail: I Haz It

I haven’t made Low-Fat Pumpkin Cheesecake for about a year, but I really wanted to have some this weekend. There is just one slight problem.. There is no pumpkin to be found anywhere.  I combed over the store before asking a clerk. His reply: Good luck with that. Apparently the huge floods in the Midwest […]

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food, illness and dogs.

I won’t be at either Fencon or Archon this weekend.  It’s my birthday weekend.  Husband wants to do something nice for me that does not include spending time around the fen.  No word what yet.  It’s a surprise. I was off yesterday, and spent the day with Husband, since he’s home sick.  Today he’s out […]

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Dogs, food, word count (not all at once)

Little Man and The Queen met tonight.  They seem to be getting along fine.  If totally ignoring one another counts as fine.   Still, they’re dogs, so as long as there is no snarling and growling, it’s all good. Little Man also turned a summersault in my lap today.  I was scritching his ears, and he […]

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