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I Am Not Making This Up: Hope This Diamond Isn’t Cursed.

According to the Smithsonian Museum, one of their most popular exhibits (other than their pair of Ruby Slippers from The Wizard Of Oz) is the Hope Diamond.

The Hope Diamond is a 45 and-slightly-over-a-half-carat phosphorescent blue diamond with a long, sordid history, and (legends say) a curse attached to it.

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I Am Not Making This Up: Ep. 33 That Time Bunnies Attacked Napoleon

Napoleon is widely regarded as one of the greatest military leaders of all time, up there with Alexander the Great. But one of his most humiliating defeats actually came from a pack of domesticated rabbits.

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I am Not Making This Up: Who Was That (Iron) Masked Man?

When the Kong’s special warden in charge of France’s VIPs (Very Important Prisoners) changed prisons, people noticed. Especially when he moved a man in a mask. Soon everyone wondered: who was that masked man?

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I Am Not Making This Up : Reality TV Before There Was TV

When we think of reality shows, we think of people who look like rockstars decorating cakes with power tools. But reality-based entertainment is older than you’d think. The monarchy in the courts of Louis XIV up through Louis the XVI (up until the French Revolution) lived life in a fishbowl, allowing random nobility to watch […]

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