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In which Tracy is proud of her garden

I promised my final trip diary before now, but it’s still going to have to wait a day or two.  Home is demanding my time right now.  The long and short of it is that I got back from the trip to find that my garden was a wreck.  the grass and little baby trees […]

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It’s June. shouldn’t I be done sticking things In the ground?

It’s been an odd year with the rain, and while we should be entering a dry time of year, things are still growing like crazy.  Which is why I keep staring at the backs of seed packages and seeing the ‘plant between april and june’ and thinking.  “It’s june 26th.  If I can get these beans in […]

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Indulging my inner pyro

Last year my dad got me a clay chimny pot at a garage sale.  So now I’ve got a place to burn all that extra wood leftover from when the tree in my front yard came down two years ago.  Tonight, I tried cooking on it.  Not directly inside of it, since i was worried about ash in my food, […]

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Feeling very accomplished.

Last night I dug the hostas out of my front flower bed and moved them around to fill up the pool in back.  Then I put herbs into the front bed.  I acutally have these sized, rotated and cropped in photobucket.  But for some reason, the program is showing the raw images.  Maybe they’ll work […]

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More gardening stuff. More writing stuff.

Yesterday I took a look at the herb garden in the front yard.  I cut back the Lambs ear (way, way back), and  cut out an entire clump of oregano.  that was choking out an azelia bush.  Really, it was like a little shrub.  Then I dried it in my food dryer.  I think my hubby would […]

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writing report, garden report.

Sent out three more short stories today. Which means that most of my short work is being shopped at the moment.  What’s in — a short that wants to be a novel,  one that needs work and one that was an experiment in first person.   I think I was trying for a noir feel with the […]

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