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My very spoilery review of Fantastic Beasts

I’ve been a fan of the wizarding world since the release of Goblet of Fire (which is about how long it took the phenomenon to reach me, as a barely-adult with no kids living in Arkansas). But I’ve been hooked only slightly shorter on J.K. Rowling’s work than I have on Pratchett.

I think it’s partially because the work is so immersive. It feels like if you were to leave Hogwarts, there would be a fully-realized world out there.

Fantastic Beasts let me delve into a world that I always suspected existed.

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Date Night : The Hogwarts Experience

For date night this month, the theme was Harry Potter. I went a little overboard like the Great Wall of China is a nice fence.

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Success Principles You Can Learn From J.K. Rowling

  I stopped blogging writing advice a while ago, because there are so many writers who blog about writing that I felt that I had nothing new or original to contribute.  But a few weeks ago my husband asked me to give a talk to a business team about J.K. Rowling.   I think the […]

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Was it a bad book?

My husband and I have been re-watching the Harry Potter series with another couple of friends in anticipation of the new movie.  Through the course of watching, it’s come out that husband and one friend don’t remember the next book.   In didscussions on LJ, I’m seeing that this is a pretty common thing.  Now I […]

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