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Yard Dog Press Audio Roadshow Vol 1, Episode 4: A Classy Episode Featuring Bubbas of the Apocolypse

It’s Dragon*Con weekend!  If you made it to geek prom this year, stop by the dealer’s room and say hi to the staff at Yard Dog Press.  If you didn’t, we at least have a podcast for you. Because Selina was busy packing for Dragon*Con, she didn’t have time to get me an audio segment.  […]

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Author Spotlight – Ten Questions with Jody Lynn Nye

If you like humor, you’ll love Jody Lynn Nye. Jody is famous for co-writing the Myth Adventure books along with Robert Asprin. She’s also a frequent collaborator with Anne McCaffrey. Jody’s recent work is called View From The Imperium, which reads very much like Jeeves and Wooster in Space. P. G. Wodehouse meets space opera, […]

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