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Making Priorities and I Left My Brains In San Francisco!

A few months ago, I was able to interview author Karina Fabian about her comedy/horror series Neeta Lyfe: Zombie Exterminator.  Karina’s newest book in the series, entitled I Left My Brains In San Francisco is now out. To celebrate, Karina is putting on a blog tour, and I’m only happy to host her.  Karina sent me […]

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Karina Fabian: Christmas Spirits

Through the month of December I am opening up my Tuesday Author Spotlight to guest bloggers. Some of the guests will be posting helpful holiday tips on how to keep writing, manage stress and juggle family obligations through the Holidays. Today’s post is by Karina Fabian.  Karina is the author of the books Mind over […]

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Karina Fabian: Mind Over Mind

Today’s interview is from Karina Fabian. Karina is an author who works within the broader themes of faith and how people of faith are influenced within the milieus of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Her characters have included an order of nuns working in Space and a down-on-his-luck dragon P.I. working off a geas from St. George.  […]

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