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Monday Musing: Blogging for Fun and Profit. Part 2 – To Self-Host or Not to Self-Host?

As I discussed in last Monday’s post, you need to pick a theme for your blog and come up with a regular schedule for posting. Once you have done this, you should determine if you want to host the blog yourself (which is called self-hosting), or to place your blog with a blogging platform that […]

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Monday Musing: Thinking (and Writing) In Pictures

‘City of Words’, lithograph by Vito Acconci, 1999 On March 5 of 1946, Winston Churchill received an honorary degree from Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri. During his acceptance speech he described the divide between the Soviet states of Eastern Europe and the Western European countries as being divided by an “Iron Curtain.” What makes Winston […]

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Monday Musings: Where are all the Killer Bees? Ripped from the Headlines Inspration.

This is actually on a t-shirt that I own. Generally, I don’t follow the news. I have a Facebook, a Livejournal and a Twitter account, so current events still filter in to me. But I’ve noticed that when news is slow, media outlets will ‘create’ news by making much ado about nothing and causing everyone […]

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Monday Musing: Know what you Write

I am headed out in a few days for a 7 day trip to Myrtle Beach. During this trip, I plan to continue with my regular updates as well as logging my trip. As a writer, I like to use trips like this to explore places that I’ve never been. I like to know the […]

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Monday Musings: Avoid Cliches

The demotivator comes from 101 Reasons to Stop Just for fun, go to a fanfiction website like Read through any of the stories at random. (It’s a guilty pleasure. Like chocolate or watching bad telenovelas.) You may not realize this, but a lot of what you read is like an editor’s slushpile.  Okay, […]

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