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February’s Broaduniverse Podcast

I’ve read for two installments of the Broad Universe podcast. Coming up this year I will be reading and/or hosting another 4 or so. This is a great podcast for new fiction. I’ve bought a few new books based on the podcast readings found here: The 2011 February episode of the Broad Pod is now […]

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The November Broadpod Podcast is up!

The November Broad Pod is available!  This 10th episode, hosted by Trisha Wooldridge of A Novel Friend Writing & Publishing, delivers a sanctuary of Dragons & other Magical Beasts.  Readers Kelly A. Harmon, Sarah Micklem, Diane Whiteside, Danielle Ackley McPhail, and Justine Graykin bring you on a safari spanning mystical lands to back yard surprises. […]

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Brodpod is live

Broaduniverse is putting out a monthly podcast that is called the Broadpod, in which a number of authors read excerpts from their stories.  The first episode is now live.  The theme this month is romance.  There are a good mix of romance, horror, fantasy, and in my case, humor stories mixed in. This is the […]

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