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Lather, rince, repeat

Tweaked Constructs again, and  sent it out to Abyss & Apex.   Here’s hoping. 

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Lather, Rinse, Repeat

 Received my rejection from Andromeda.  That was fast.  Time to send the story out again.   Received confirmation that my WOTF submission is in.  Now to wait until December for word from them. Wrote another 250 words today of the Ghost Writer story.   And on a fannish note: My Supernatural Season 2 DVD’s have been here […]

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Murder most foul.

It’s almost sadistic the fun that you can have by killing off your primary character in the first chapter.  I would reccomend that any writer try it at least once, at least for the theraputic value, if nothing else.  I suppose you could blame this whole thing on Jerome Taylor.  That’s as good an excuse […]

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Ink? Paper? Pen? Check.

There is something really comfortable about writing with old fashoned ink and paper.  That’s the way I used to do it, way back when I started writing.  And that’s the way that about 65 percent of Tranquility was written.  Yes, re-typing is a pain.  But I honestly think that my best writing comes when I get back to the basics that way.  The only […]

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