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My very spoilery review of Fantastic Beasts

I’ve been a fan of the wizarding world since the release of Goblet of Fire (which is about how long it took the phenomenon to reach me, as a barely-adult with no kids living in Arkansas). But I’ve been hooked only slightly shorter on J.K. Rowling’s work than I have on Pratchett.

I think it’s partially because the work is so immersive. It feels like if you were to leave Hogwarts, there would be a fully-realized world out there.

Fantastic Beasts let me delve into a world that I always suspected existed.

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Bride of Tranquility Review

Popsyndicate has posted a review of Bride of Tranquility to their website.  The reviewer called the book: a book you’re liable to read a couple of times, assuming you aren’t abducted by aliens between readings.You can read the rest of the review here. 

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