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A New Story In Crimson Streets, and my Soonercon Schedule

My short story, The Hobos, The Devil and James Dean’s Car has been published in the pulp magazine Crimson Streets.

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Soonercon schedule, a contest and an announcement!

I’ve just gotten my schedule for Soonercon next weekend.  My Schedule is as follows: Friday 4pm Luck, Amazing Coincidences, and Delusions. 6pm Opening Ceremonies 8pm YDP 15th Anniversary Celebration   Saturday 9am Koffee Klatche. Coffee, juice, and sweetbreads provided. 11am Does Fantasy Have to be Epic? Noon.  Kathi and Tracy—Chapbooks, Prizes and Surprises. Also, a […]

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Friday Math: Win a signed copy of Strip Mauled at Soonercon

I will be at Soonercon June 4-6 in Oklahoma City.   On Saturday afternoon, Katharine Eliska Kimbiel and I will have a reading from our Yard Dog Press Chapbooks.  She’ll be reading from Wings of Morning and I’ll be reading from Medieval Misfits.  We’ll also be reading a couple of short stories that tie into those […]

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Soonercon — In which there was adventure, and I was a zombie.

This was my first year for soonercon.  I’ve heard very good things about the convention, and I was not dissappointed.  To sum up: We sold every copy of Double Dog #2 that Yard Dog Press brought to the convention, and I helped to pre-sell more than one copy of Bride of Tranquility.  So for me at […]

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Soonercon Reading

I’ve managed to move my reading at soonercon.  It was opposite a panel that I was scheduled on.  Now it is on Sunday at 2:00.

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Great News For Soonercon

Got an E-mail from Lynn at Yard Dog Press, and they’re now taking preorders for Bride of Tranquility.  Which means the book will be available shortly.  And for anyone who is planning on being at soonercon, they’ll be runing a soonercon special: Preorder Bride of Tranquility at the con, and recieve free shipping.  If you’re […]

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