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Curse You, Jim Hines!

I just had about the shortest MS rejection of my life! I sent a short story in to Unidentified Funny Objects. Within a few hours, it was sent back to me. They liked it. Unfortunately, it’s similar to something Jim Hines is writing for them. *sigh* Oh well, if I’m going to get passed over, […]

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This is why my mailman knows my name.

Sending out manuscripts today.  One online for a contest, and three paper.  Anytime I prep a ms, there is always the formatting question.  Do they want exact word counts or estimated?  Courier typeface, or forget the typeface, we’ll take care of that ourselves.’ Usually it’s some form of standard formatting. 

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stories go out. stories come in.

2 new rejections.  Three stories sent out.  And so it goes.   

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stories go out, stories come in. Sometimes they win contests

Collected another rejection, this one for the goofy vampire hunter story.  But that’s not what has me excited.  I got an E-mail from Writers of the Future.  The silly exploding dragon story rated an honorable mention.   What’s interesting about that, is that I’ve already collected about seven rejections in six years on this one.  You just never know.   I […]

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A few days behind

It’s been a few days since posting a NaNoWrimo update.  Truth is, I hadn’t been working on Bride of Tranquility.  I took a couple of days off in which I re-wrote, tweaked, re-read submitted and in some cases thought wow!  I wrote that?  That’s great/awful.  I should make millions of dollars/ give it up and raise kimodo dragons about four short stories.  I’ll […]

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