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In which we visited ruins and had the bejubus scared out of us.

This is more of the excerpt from my trip diary for the great summer vacation of 09. 6-17-09 (Wednesday) After a relatively early rise, and a 6-hour drive from Utah across to northwestern New Mexico, we arrived at Chaco Canyon.  The plan was to camp in the park, but they apparently discovered a pit house while […]

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In which there is more hiking, and some scrambiling.

6-16-09 (Tuesday) Today’s hike is supposed to be easier, because everyone is tired and muscle sore from yesterday’s hike.  If I sit still for very long, I stiffen up, but the worst aches are in my hips and calves.  Not surprising because the hike was steep in some parts, and there was a lot of […]

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In which there is a long car ride, and a lot of walking.

I’ve been promising a trip report on the great desert hike of 09.  This is taken mostly from my trip diary, with photos, so if it’s a bit rambly in spots, I do apologize.  But I do give you photos, so at least there are pretty pictures to look at. Some Background for context:  My […]

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