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Monday Musing: What Happened in Vegas

A couple of announcements before I get into the post. First off, while I was off in Las Vegas, the Broaduniverse Podcast Humor Episode that I put together posted. You can listen to it a Posterous. The address is. Also, Noralina Books is having a sale due to the publisher’s impending move. Noralina has […]

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There and back again!

Apparently my automatic payment on LJ didn’t go through, so the automatic updates from twitter and Facebook also haven’t been going through. For those of you who wondered where I went, I’ve been on vacation this past week in Myrtle Beach.  I got back yesterday, and have slowly been digging out from beneath the pile […]

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Girl on the Move

I have exciting and unexpected news.  Some of ya’ll who know me also know that I like to travel.  And I usually blog my trip when I’m traveling, complete with photos.  Looks like the last week of October, I’m going to get to go to San Fransisco.  My husband’s job is sending him out there for […]

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Articles and airplanes

This weekend my mother, sister and I went out to Lubbock to visit the silent wings museum.  It was in part the culmination of a decade search for history.   Approximately 10 years ago my grandfather passed away.  Once he was gone, my sister mentioned in passing to a friend (who was a marine) that she thougth that our […]

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