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Friday Wordcount — No words, so I make up for it with a con report.

I have been sick and haven’t been much in the mood for writing.  So there isn’t an actual word count for my Friday word count.  But I thought I would post my pictures from MidSouthCon to make up for it.

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Monday math

The cold of two weeks back is down to the barest sniffles.  I’m taking mucinex to get the coughing under control.  Declined to go to doctor with hubby today.  Not much they could do.  I’ve just got to ride out the last of this. Word Count for this week:2,000 words (must do better this next week)Stories […]

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It’s monday!

And I’m still not quite over last week’s cold.  Persistant, stubborn thing.  Word count last week: 5,000 Submissions out : 6 Rejections in: 1

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Dogs, food, word count (not all at once)

Little Man and The Queen met tonight.  They seem to be getting along fine.  If totally ignoring one another counts as fine.   Still, they’re dogs, so as long as there is no snarling and growling, it’s all good. Little Man also turned a summersault in my lap today.  I was scritching his ears, and he […]

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