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Think Like An Archaeologist: World-Building

Today’s guest blog comes courtesy Arinn Dembo. Arinn is a Clarion West alumnus, as well as a developer in the computer gaming industry.n through her writing and game development, she is an extensive world builder. Her best- known work is with the Sword of the Stars universe. You can find out more about her at […]

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Opposites Attract in Fiction Too. Sometimes.

In many creation myths, the gods made both genders of human from one item, such as a tree, a stalk of bamboo, or an egg. In most of these myths, men and women are soul mates – two halves of the same personality. In other words most cultures noticed that opposites attract. The ancient Greeks […]

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Monday Musing: Are You Building Your World, Or Limiting It?

When I was five years old, my parents took me to the movies. I remember seeing both Flash Gordon and The Empire Strikes back the same year. Although I was young, I remember feeling like Star Wars was part of a much bigger universe where things happened in places other than the ones that we […]

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