About Tracy S. Morris

Raconteur and all around ink-stained wordsmith

My Story

When Tracy S. Morris was four years old, she wrote her first “novel” in crayon on the back of a newspaper and gave it to the post man along with an antique silver dollar so that someone could turn it into a novel. She is still waiting to hear back from her publisher.

On a good day, Tracy has photographed two of the Presidents of the United States, taken a hot air balloon ride and met two of her favorite sports legends from separate sports. On a bad day, she’s been dragged behind a speedboat on an icy lake in freezing rain. She’s been a photographer, reporter, writer, fencer, historian, costumer and gardener. She holds a black belt in Taekwondo, a brown belt in Mong Su Don Tai, and is a self-confessed kamikaze speller. In 2012 she assumed her most challenging and rewarding role: Mommy.

Tracy’s first novel, Tranquility was published in 2005 by Yard Dog Press. It was the runner up for a Darrell Award for Best Midsouth Science Fiction in 2006. Her second novel, Bride of Tranquility was published in 2009. It was a finalist for the Darell Award in 2010. Both books were picked up in eBook format in 2010 by Baen Books. Her most recent book, The Grantville Inquisitor, which she co-wrote with Brad Sinor, was published in 2021 by Ring of Fire Press.

When she’s not writing, Tracy goes by the name Tracy Godsey.  She lives with her husband Ryan, daughter Issa Belle, son Isaac, Two Havanese puppies Sobie (a.k.a. Pupperweight) and Mahomey. Ryan is a software engineer and administers her blog. The children and dogs live in a constant state of barely-held truce.

Best Sellers

it came to tranquility cover

 It Came To Tranquility

It’s Murder… Again! You would think a town of less than 600 people wouldn’t have to worry about murder. But this is Tranquility, Arkansas....

Bride of Tranquility

Getting married can be murder!
All Jake Coletrane wants is to marry his girlfriend, Rachel Thorne but there are a few obstacles standing between him and happily ever after....


They say that Tranquility is Different. Maybe it's just talk to scare off all the gold hunters who think that there is truth in the dozens of folk tales about Tranqulity.  Or maybe it's...