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june 21-23, 2024

Norman, OK

Soonercon 32

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It Came To Tranquility

An Urban Fantasy / Mystery

  It’s Murder… Again! You would think a town of less than 600 people wouldn’t have to worry about murder. But this is Tranquility, Arkansas. Where the town’s vet talks to animals, DB Cooper hides out until the heat dies down, and a local Boy Scout once built a nuclear reactor in his backyard to earn a merit badge. When David Nye moved to Tranquility, he thought he’d left his old life far behind. But the past refuses to stay buried when David’s ex-fiancée Jodi shows up leading a team of archeologists to investigate the old buildings that rise out of the mud as the waters of Lake Tranquility drain. Soon, it’s not just the bones of the old hotel that rise from the lake, but the bodies of the archaeologists. It’s up to Tranquility Police Officer Jake Coletrane to clear David’s name and stop the real killer.

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